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Arkieva COO Shapes Discussion on Demand Planning

in the Bioscience & Pharmaceutical Industries

Changing market conditions makes demand planning in the bioscience and pharmaceutical industries highly critical.  More accurate demand planning and forecasting is required for achieving overall business objectives in the areas of growth and operational efficiency.

Sujit SinghThe Delaware Bio & Pennsylvania Bio Supply Chain Summit on Wednesday, September 21, 2016, features round-table discussions on the scope of the Pharmaceutical and Bioscience industry. Arkieva Chief Operating Officer and demand planning expert – Sujit Singh, will be on the panel for discussing demand planning in the Bioscience and Pharmaceutical Industries, moderated by Janice Gullo, Supply Chain Consultant for Lean Six Sigma, SCM Consulting.


Discussion topics include:

  • How to match demand and supply by integrating marketing, sales, and operations
  • How demand processes can set the pace for creating a more robust supply chain.
  • How to improve forecast accuracy; avoid excess, inventory, stockouts, and customer disappointment
  • How technology ties together data, planning processes and people

“Demand planning is a crucial step in the supply chain planning process – it sets the stage for everything else that follows. The challenge for businesses looking to optimize their demand planning processes is to transition from a one-directional approach to a collaborative forecasting process. One that integrates, sales and marketing, operations, and supply – all in the aim of improving customer satisfaction while reducing unnecessary costs.” Commented Singh, on the topic of demand planning for pharmaceuticals.

For more on Sujit’s expert view, best practices, strategies, and tips, see you at the DelawareBio Supply Chain Summit. Be sure to stop by our display table to learn more about the Arkieva demand planner.

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