Here’s Our Story

While working as an Engineer for a global manufacturer, Arkieva CEO, Harpal Singh noticed that companies often experienced an imbalance between demand and supply as a result of disintegrated systems. Inspired by this discovery, Arkieva (formerly Supply Chain Consultants) was founded in 1993 with the goal of helping manufacturers improve business performance with better planning by providing seamlessly integrated solutions that lead to better demand and supply planning.


Arkieva 1st Generation Planning Solution

The first-generation Arkieva solution was primarily a demand planning solution built to integrate with other supply planning systems.

After a few years, we noticed a gap in the marketplace, which soon led to our second-generation development (Zemeter).

  • Customers increasingly needed more embedded planning features that eliminated guesswork and automated manual tasks.
  • Existing systems were fragmented and didn’t create the truly seamless integration that customers wanted.
  • Most solutions were not highly specialized in supply chain planning to tackle complex issues.
  • Existing supply chain planning systems often lacked the advanced analytical capabilities that companies needed to derive actionable insights quickly.

Arkieva 2nd Generation Planning Solution

In 2001, we launched Zemeter our second-generation advanced supply chain planning software solution suite that would allow businesses to respond quickly to demand with a better supply chain plan while having full visibility on how changes impact the supply chain network.

In developing our new solution, we had three main objectives driven by customer supply chain planning challenges:

  • Supply Chain Planning Integration and Visibility: Our new solution had to be fully integrated, seamless, and would serve as one-common platform for cross-functional team visibilty.
  • Quick Data-Decision Making: It also had to come embedded with advanced analytical capabilities that empowered planners and supply chain decision-makers with prescriptive and predictive value-driven insights.
  • Easy Scalability and User-Friendly Interface: Finally, our solution had to be easy-to-use and allow for a step-by-step modular implementation approach for quick scalability.
integrated supply chain planning - building arkieva


A New Look. Same Solution-Driven Company.

In 2011, Zemeter was rebranded to Arkieva together with the company name to reflect the company’s new technological shift with providing more integrated platform and personalized solutions for supply chain planning.

Why We Rebranded

  • As a full solution technology provider the company’s former name (Supply Chain Consultants) often made customers think of Arkieva as a consulting company instead of a supply chain planning solution provider
  • We had a new technology platform and solution to meet changing demands in the market and rebranding allowed us to a create better differentiation

Why the Name Arkieva? 

Arkieva pronunced ark-ee-va /arkeeva/ is a mashup of the words arc and achieve. Arc is part of a circle and we believe that supply chain planning processes should be integrated and circular in nature. Often the key to achieving this integrated process starts with improving a part of the circular process. For instance, a better demand planning process causes a reduction in excess inventory and decreases production costs.


Centralized In-Memory Database. Value-Driven Personalization.

Arkieva One-Plan Sales and Operations Planning solutions are used today by over 17,000 users worldwide in process & chemical, food & beverage, consumer packaged goods, and discrete industries to plan supply chain operations for product revenues of over $50 Billion. Over the years, we’ve expanded our reach, Arkieva is now a global supply chain planning software provider with offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Integrated – One-Plan S&OP Visibility.


“One of the most exciting features about Arkieva is the fact that the reporting interface makes it easy to look at information in various ways. Our team has to present several management reports in various ways, the advantage with Arkieva is that we can do anything on the fly— it’s relatively easy to pull information. Mostly these are reports that would have taken a couple of days to generate. It’s a big game-changer for us.”

“The Arkieva solutions together with the competencies of the Arkieva consultants have provided us the possibility to implement a strong toolset for our tactical planning without having our process definitions dictated by a system vendor. Arkieva has provided a good standard platform which we together have designed to fit our needs.”

“Through the implementation of Arkieva, we’ve successfully reduced the sales & operations planning process from weeks to days, producing actionable statistical analysis enabling us to deliver more value to the company.”

“Arkieva is beneficial even for fresh product if you have production variation and some storage time. This is the next wave of supply chain management.”

“Using Arkieva, Hexion has significantly reduced inventory, increased margins, and improved on time deliveries.”

“Arkieva S&OP has helped the company to drastically reduce inventory while also tracking it more easily. Inventory data from SAP is exported into Arkieva, which provides the tools to manipulate the data and perform detailed analysis.”

“From an IT standpoint, the Arkieva software tool is easier to maintain and a lower cost tool to support than what we had previously.”

Meet The Arkieva Management Team

Arkieva CEO
Arkieva COO

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