Arkieva User Group Council

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What is the User Group Council?
The user group council is an advanced group of users who are involved in leading user group discussions, sharing experiences, and providing valuable feedback to Arkieva.

Why Join the Arkieva User Group Council?
Lead user group discussions, share experiences and provide valuable feedback to Arkieva.

There’s more to get from the Arkieva User Group Council

Selection Criteria

  • Length of Relationship
    Have you been an Arkieva customer for at least one year?
  • Product Familiarity
    Are you a key project sponsor or superuser, who has implemented an Arkieva module?
  • Time Availability
    Do you have the availability to meet with the rest of the User Council Members on a monthly basis?
  • Diversification
    From various level of expertise to job titles, every Arkieva user will be covered.

  • Industries
    No matter industry you fall within — be it Process, Chemical, CPG, Retail, Discrete, or Food and Beverage — you are welcome.

Submit a Nomination for the 2019 – 2020 Arkieva User Group Council

Complete the form to nominate yourself or someone else for consideration to join the Arkieva User Group Council. Join the discussions with your peers and discover new ways of improving your supply chain.