Arkieva Integration

Today’s client environment has a vast selection of enterprise systems, some of which include, but are not limited to: ERP, MES, various Data Marts, CRM and/or TPM systems, etc. Because Arkieva uses a Microsoft SQL server as its data backbone, it is able to integrate and exchange data with a variety of these enterprise systems. Arkieva has yet to run into a system with which we could not integrate and exchange data.

One commonly used enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that many of our clients use is SAP®.

An integral task to supply chain planning is the ability to import and export data across these data sources. To bring more value to our clients and accomplish this integral task of supply chain planning, Arkieva has partnered with AdapChain and uses the Adaplink® SAP connector to become better integrated across more client enterprise systems.

The Arkieva Adaplink stages the data from SAP in an intermediate database, then moves it to an Arkieva database via pre-built procedures and jobs. Arkieva integrates to SAP through standard BAPI’s, allowing the integrated data to be staged in dedicated, pre-defined databases. These databases, together with the standard data mappings between SAP and Arkieva, are defined as integration templates. Since SAP installations can be different and customized across clients, the templates are open to enhancement to fit the client’s specific needs.

Here at Arkieva, we realize integration does not only apply to an enterprise system backend, but also to the client’s desktop. We are able to bring further integration to our clients’ desktop systems, making it possible for a client to export data easily to Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat to be saved as a PDF file. This allows for more comprehensive and collaborative planning across a client’s entire business, not just the people using Arkieva software solutions.

Using Arkieva Integration, a client is able to better utilize the data from a variety of incumbent systems, paving the way for more accurate supply chain planning.

SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG
AdapLink is a registered trademark of AdapChain