Track, Analyze, and Align Your
Customer Sentiment with Your
Demand Plan in Real-Time. 

Arkieva Customer Sentiment Analysis Tool

Your Customers Are Always On.

In a perfect world, when you create your demand plan, all will go as planned — demand will always align with supply. In today’s technology-driven world, however, that’s often not the case. A new product or an existing product may suddenly increase in popularity (or go viral), and you may find yourself scrambling to meet the increase in demand. On the other hand, a negative customer review online can cause a decline in sales.


Check out our football fan sentiment analysis to find out which team is currently in the lead.

Monitor Your Customer Social Interaction in Real-time.

Make Adjustments to Your Demand and Supply Plans to Match Changes.

How Does the Customer Sentiment Analysis Tool Work?

  • Track Keywords

    Insert your keywords or hashtags that you’d like to monitor or track.

  • Analyze Results

    Populate results for your chosen keywords or hashtags.

  • Get a Sentiment Score

    Get a sentiment score for posts to show positivity or negativity.

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