Stay in Control of Your S&OP Process. Focus on What Matters.

Arkieva Beacon allows teams to work together towards a common goal through a centralized command. It empowers you to stay in control of your S&OP process without breaking your bank and back. Let us do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters.

You are not alone – getting in control of your S&OP process is a daunting undertaking 

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Moreover, the continuous S&OP process can be overwhelming given that it entails a lot of collaboration from many distinct teams. Your days are filled with manual tracking of tasks and responsibilities, and you never know what to focus your limited time and resources on – you are at the mercy of a complicated process. 

We created Arkieva Beacon to improve your S&OP by modeling your supply chain planning processes into an interactive and easy-to-use interface for greater collaboration. 

What is Arkieva Beacon?

An Easier Way to Manage Your S&OP

Beacon provides an easier way to manage S&OP processes by empowering supply chain and management teams with an embedded workflow and visibility solution that connects the plan creation and execution processes into actionable tasks, using one-centralized interface. With Arkieva Beacon, deliver your S&OP plans on time and within budget. You can get work done and focus on what matters to you. 

Supply Chain Manager


Get a bird’s-eye-view of your supply chain, identify bottlenecks, react to alert notifications, and tackle daily activities. With one click.

Supply Chain Managers

Get enhanced visibility into what your team is working on, how long it will take to complete a task and when to resolve bottlenecks along the way.  

Demand and Supply Planners

Eliminate redundant tasks or activities in your planning process and focus on what matters. 

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Traditional S&OP is Static. Respond to Market Changes in Real-Time.
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How Does Arkieva Beacon Work?

Empower Your Team with a Solution that Drives Results

Design Your S&OP

Design your S&OP solution based on your unique business process. We provide templates and guidance on best-practices for creating an S&OP process.  

Implement Your S&OP Process 

Using Beaconyou setup your S&OP tasks and workflow to match your existing process. Beacon ties directly into your planning tasks within the Arkieva solution.

Take a Load Off 

Once the solution is implemented, use Beacon to help better manage your S&OP process. Use Beacon’s visibility features to get everyone on the same page and quickly get things done in a timely manner. 

Gain visibility into all events and milestones you want to track across the entire S&OP process  

Leverage the power of your data with easy-to-use dashboards, reports and collaboration tools. Track and monitor the progress of your S&OP at a macro level and drill down to any level of granularity needed.  

Know who works on what
Track the status of various planning functions across your organization through the Gantt chart feature

Get a high-level view of your supply chain
Visualize your supply chain processes with a configurable workflow that aligns with your strategic business goals

Be informed on the progress of your plans
Use the Process Timer for tracking work process and get timely updates on how long a task took to complete

Obtain a summary of your plans
The S&OP Status feature provides a monthly summary view on your overall status and individual performance

Define how long a project plan should take
Use the Project Timeline feature to assign start dates, task duration, recurrence and estimated completion time to each task

Spend time on what matters – reduce the need for manual decision making with automated business rules

Set up alerts based on service level agreements and lead times and collaborate to resolve them in real time.

Use customizable task list to help you prioritize
Task alerts for personalizing task lists that are grouped

Clearly map out roles for your team
Assign tasks based on who is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed (RACI)

Quick reference guide to assist when you are lost
Hint and Documentation feature provides a reference guide on how to complete a task

Pinpoint disruptions before it happens
Use alerts for issue tracking that help identify task disruptions

Get on the same page with your team
Create a calendar for managing schedules by region and business units

supply chain manager sop

Define your supply chain planning processes using an interactive and easy-to-use interface designed for greater collaboration

Empower your team to make prompt decisions and execute quickly. Assign task, manage approvals and track progress of your team all-in-one place.

Supply and demand planner sop

Be informed on how your task relates to the whole process
Use the Relationship feature for establishing parent-child relation between tasks

Streamline the planning process
The Sharing feature keeps the team informed about their tasks and responsibilities. Keep everyone on the same page and avoid the confusion that could occur in a team assignment.

Easy-to-use reporting feature
Utilize the customizable reporting feature to slice and dice your reporting by regional holiday calendars and plans for each business unit

Stay on top of the process
Use Milestone for managing activities within each function


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How to Create Supply Chain Performance Monitoring System That Doesn’t Keep You Up at Night

Learn how use the Arkieva Pulse Notifications and Alerts feature to easily identify, flag, review, and resolve irregularities ahead of time; giving you the tools to better align demand, inventory, supply, and finance.

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Traditional S&OP is Static. Respond to Market Changes in Real-Time.
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