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Advanced In-Memory Engine. Integrated Planning. Real-Time Analytics.

What is Arkieva Orbit?

Arkieva Orbit is an advanced in-memory digital supply chain planning platform that provides a centralized repository for planning and on-the-fly data analytics to respond quickly to demand changes. Orbit provides one data source for creating a synergized “One-Plan” S&OP process with cross-functional collaboration and faster scenario management at any aggregate level. All Arkieva Solutions are powered using the Arkieva Orbit platform allowing an integrated digital supply chain planning experience.

How Does Arkieva
Orbit Work?

Data Integration& Integrity

• One unified data model

• Multiple mid-layer services for data access

• Multi enterprise data sharing capabilities

• Integration with all Arkieva planning modules and external applications

• Data access from all devices

• Easy integrated data managementReal

Arkieva Orbit Advanced Digital Supply Chain Planning Platform

One Centralized Data Source for Real-Time Planning.

Real-Time Planning Features

• End-to-End integrated metrics

• On-the-fly analytics for all planning data

• Disaggregate or aggregate data while maintaining data integrity

• Access to current operational plan at all times

• Real-time what-if scenario analysis

• Seamlessly transform operation plans to production plans

• Supply soft pegging to help identify all demand linkages

Integrated Supply Chain
Planning With Arkieva Orbit

What Will You Design?

Experience Unlimited Flexibility

Arkieva Orbit provides a fully configurable
supply chain planning platform for
designing your ideal S&OP process.

You set the rules!

Get Answers in Real-Time with Arkieva Orbit

Gain Momentum with a Powerful In-Memory Engine

What Will You Design?

Steer your organization in the right direction and stay ahead of the competition with the Arkieva Orbit powerful in-memory engine. Gain a better control on planning activities with dynamic data processing and answer business questions on the fly.

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Access Your Data. Anywhere. Anytime.

You Are Always On The Go. Your S&OP Software Should be No Different.

Install your solution on-premise or on the cloud and enjoy the solution deployment flexibility that allows you to create a seamless digital supply chain planning experience without device limitations. Create enhanced cross-functional collaboration and visibility across your supply chain, and access your planning data anytime with the Arkieva Insights mobile application.
[Cloud. On-Premise. Hybrid. You Decide.]

Robust Scenario Planning

For All The ‘What-ifs’ That You Might Face
Turn on, or off, multiple what-if scenarios as your business changes. No need to reconfigure your solution. Arkieva Orbit provides a flexible platform for simulating as many what-if scenarios as needed to help you make the best data-driven decision. So, go ahead. Ask the next what-if without limitations.

As-it-Happens Decision Impact
View across the supply chain

Respond Quickly to Changes
You need to respond quickly to marketplace changes. Arkieva Orbit provides a unified, integrated supply chain model that allows you to see the impact of changes immediately across the entire supply chain – as it happens.

Planning Time Horizon Integration

Create the Ideal Production Plan
Regardless of Time Horizons

Create a responsive plan that integrates across strategic, tactical and operational time horizons. With Arkieva Orbit, move seamlessly between different levels of time and data aggregation to create the best-fit plan for your business goals.

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Create an Integrated View. Improve Performance.
Gain the visibility needed to optimize your current sales and operations. Arkieva Orbit provides a centralized repository for planning data with integrated linkages to demand, inventory,
finance and supply planning systems.


Ready to Experience Arkieva Orbit?

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