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Arkieva Sales Central 120x120      Arkieva Sales Central

Arkieva Sales Central is an iPad® app dedicated to serving the needs of the sales representative on the road. The mobile application is a collaboration tool that can be used   to collect forecast input directly from the iPad® and submit it to the Enterprise System of Record on premise or in the cloud.



Arkieva Supply Planner - thumbnailArkieva Supply Planner

The Arkieva Supply Planner links production to current customer demand by supporting the analysis, reporting and collaborative efforts of Sales and Operations (S&OP).



arkieva_sap_connectorArkieva SAP Connector

Arkieva SAP Connector is the pre-integrated connector to get your data from and into SAP.



Demand PlannerDemand Planner

The Arkieva Demand Planner allows planners to slice, dice, and forecast at any level of data aggregation, by product, family, and plant.


Inventory PlannerInventory Planner

With the Arkieva Inventory Planner, you can look at inventory levels at any point in the past, as well as at any level of aggregation.


Finite SchedulerFinite Scheduler

Schedules can be viewed and manipulated in graphical or textual mode, and be generated automatically based on your customized scheduling criteria.


S&OPSales and Operations Planning

Presenting summarized data to support Sales and Operations Planning  (S&OP) is made quick and simple with Arkieva S&OP Central.


Inventory AnalyzerInventory Analyzer

The Inventory Analyzer gives supply chain personnel the ability to identify detailed inventories versus target over time.


Business AnalystDemand Analysis

Analyzing one’s supply chain on a continuing basis is a luxury most businesses have been unable to afford until Arkieva’s Demand Analysis made the process simple, repeatable and far less time-consuming.


MEIO Product SheetMEIO Product Sheet

Arkieva has designed its Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) module as a comprehensive tool to optimize inventory targets.


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