This research is designed to support the management and evaluation of SCP solutions. These evaluations are based on what Gartner considers to be key capabilities across five supply chain planning use cases.  Each use case aligns with Gartner’s well-established supply chain maturity model. Findings include:

  • The top critical capabilities that distinguish supply chain planning (SCP) vendors the most are the breadth of resource types planned, financial impact analysis, and solution extensibility. These reflect important capabilities for high-maturity companies.
  • There is more parity between SCP vendors in terms of demand planning functionality than supply chain planning functionality.
  • Demand planning and end-to-end (E2E) enterprise planning has the lowest range of vendor scores, while digital planning has the highest range of vendor scores.
  • Multi-enterprise and financial impact analysis capabilities are used least by companies out of the 15 critical capabilities, indicating that most companies are still at mid- to low-level maturity.

Based on Gartner’s research, here are some actions to consider:

  • Focus your SCP solution evaluation on the relevant use cases by identifying your current “as is” and future “to be” maturity requirements.
  • Compare your business requirements with their importance to your target use cases by reviewing the importance given to each critical capability for the target use case.
  • Align your requirement importance with those of the critical capabilities for a specific use case by challenging the organization to determine which use cases it really needs to support in five years.
  • Lastly (and this is our take on these results), consider your provider’s (or potential provider’s) understanding of your business and its challenges.  It’s the human side of technology that is often overlooked and makes the biggest difference.

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