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AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals Achieves a One-Plan Harmonized S&OP Process with Arkieva


Achieve a harmonized S&OP process with cross-functional team collaboration among Demand Planners, Business Managers, Financial Controllers, Supply Chain Managers, Management and other Stakeholders.
Create one Global planning system across all business units and regions.
Implement a collaborative planning environment for planners to easily share ideas and strategies.

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Name: AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals
Location: Global corporation
Business units:

  • Ethylene and Sulfur Derivatives
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Polymer Chemicals
  • Pulp & Performance Chemicals
  • Surface Chemistry

Industry: Chemical
Revenue: €5 billion ~ USD 6 billion

Why Arkieva

• Long-standing existing client relationship with other business units within the Specialty Chemicals business division
• Demonstrated ability to deliver on our promise

“The Arkieva solutions together with the competencies of the Arkieva consultants have provided us the possibility to implement a strong toolset for our tactical planning without having our process definitions dictated by a system vendor. Arkieva has provided a good standard platform which we together have designed to fit our needs.”


  • Harmonized S&OP process across all AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals Business units including, Surface Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Ethylene and Sulfur Derivatives, Pulp and Performance Chemicals, and Industrial Chemicals.
  • Enhanced communication among Sales, Customer Service Representatives, Manufacturing, Accounting and Product Development via the Arkieva Collaboration platform.
  • Integrated financial planning system used by Controllers and Financial Analysts to create and manage budgets.
  • Event-based triggers to alert planners and key stakeholders of possible disruptions across the Supply chain.
  • Inventory visibility and tracking for key inventory metrics including, Days of Coverage, Excess and Slow-moving stock (age) analysis.

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