Automate manual tasks and finally make time for value-added planning activities

Plan Better With Arkieva. Experience Synergized Supply Chain Planning.

Getting to a single set of numbers is a big task. It requires not only technology to support statistical forecasting, but also a tool that minimizes the effort necessary for your team to collaborate and regularly contribute to a demand plan. Arkieva’s suite of Demand Planning software can help you reach these goals.

Arkieva software will help you with:

  • Level-specific forecasting
  • Deciphering what products need to be forecast
  • Ensuring the collection of only value-adding input
  • Minimize the amount of time people spend forecasting
  • Inventory reduction as well as capacity increase
  • Having the right material in the right place at the right time
  • Collect data from the web, Excel or offline desktop applications
  • Generate alerts when orders or shipments vary significantly from the forecast

With our tool, planners can easily analyze and understand the company’s sales patterns through a comprehensive analysis of relevant data. Users can quickly and efficiently compare the forecast with actual sales.

Collaboration makes it possible for any employee with important knowledge to contribute. Because access to data is controlled at the user level, every input and forecast is saved for later comparison against actual occurrences. They also can share demand plans with multiple stakeholders throughout the organization and encourage a much higher degree of collaborative planning.

The Arkieva Demand Planner makes reporting, analyzing and contributing to a final demand plan an extension of current business decision making. Price changes, marketing promotions, new product introductions and the opportunity to accept a significant new client order can represent either threats or opportunities. Arkieva examines them quickly, calculating the overall financial impact of alternative responses.

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