Arkieva gives users a lot of flexibility to manage their own interface in a controlled manner

Plan Better With Arkieva. Experience Synergized Supply Chain Planning.

Arkieva’s Collaborative Planning Framework is designed to fill in the gaps left by first generation Supply Chain systems. It provides a “wrapper” centered on a commercially robust database to extend the functionality of the existing software. The Arkieva solution is based on a Microsoft SQL Server database. Key advantages of the solution include:

  • A commercial database directly accessible by desktop tools: The data in Arkieva can be accessed by tools like “Access” and users can configure their own reports quickly.
  • Multi-user access and built-in user security: The database paradigm allows simultaneous access by many users. Security features allow the data to be partitioned and distributed selectively.
  • A knowledge repository for organizing business processes and document: Arkieva incorporates a document manager to organize and store procedures and documents. In addition, it provides a facility to share qualitative data like comments between different users in the supply chain.
  • A fully integrated event-flagging system: Metrics and flags can be configured so that the system calculates and automatically reports exceptions.

Arkieva is designed using common Microsoft-based components so that the resources needed to maintain and support it are readily available. Extending the existing APS solutions with Arkieva provides companies with a simple and cost effective way of leveraging their APS investment.

Our cross-functional buy-in also supports process improvement allowing data from our Demand Planner to seamlessly pass to and integrate with the Arkieva Supply Planner and Inventory Planner. Arkieva’s flexibility of allowing you to buy whatever software solutions you want will provide you with the ability to act on and adapt to new business opportunities.

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