Project Description


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Customer Story: Arkieva S&OP Helps AkzoNobel Increase Margins and Evaluate Market Changes

  • Company Overview

    AkzoNobel Surfactants manufactures more than 2,000 chemical products and more than 5,000 active SKUs, and manages millions of dollars’ worth of inventory monthly.

  • Industry

    • Chemical
  • Challenges

    • Sharing forecasting data across different areas of the company to effectively address issues and uncertainties in demand
  • Results

    • Monthly S&OP meetings result in a more collaborative manufacturing environment
    • A highly visible forecast provides better awareness of issues before they became problems
    • A dramatic reduction in inventory

Learn How Arkieva Helps AkzoNobel Increase Margins And Evaluate Market Changes

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“Arkieva S&OP has helped the company to drastically reduce inventory while also tracking it more easily. Inventory data from SAP is exported
into Arkieva, which provides the tools to manipulate the data and perform detailed analysis.”

Bill Shearer, Demand Chain Manager, AkzoNobel Surfactants