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Gartner Supply Chain Conference 2020

  • Dates: May 11-14

  • Arkieva Booth: TBA

  • Locations: Orlando, FL

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About the Gartner Supply Chain Conference & Arkieva's Participation

The Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference is one of the industries leading supply chain conference. The conference is hosted by Gartner – an IT advisory and research company known for its Gartner Magic quadrant technology evaluations each year. The Gartner Supply chain Conference is held in the United States and Europe. It has over 3000 supply chain professionals attending each year.

The event is held at Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Arkieva Conference Tracks: Track D – Supply Chain Planning, Track C: Supply Chain Innovation, Track A: Supply Chain Strategy. Arkieva aligns with all industry tracks. The Arkieva One-Plan S&OP solution suite is industry agnostic.

Conference Tracks

Track A:

Supply Chain Strategy

Supply chain organizations without clear, aligned strategies struggle to execute against goals, address digital disruption and attract talent. Only 17% of supply chain organizations have a formal process to execute against strategy. This track highlights the how-tos and crucial ingredients of supply chain strategy as well as how leaders are executing against strategies.

Track B:

Supply Chain Leadership

Market disruptions, digital technologies, customer expectations, and shifting demographics are rapidly changing what leadership looks like in Supply Chain.  The leadership track has been developed for those looking to find both inspiration and guidance in setting a future-focused supply chain agenda for their business.

Track C:

Supply Chain Innovation

This track has been developed to support supply chain leaders looking to embrace, execute and scale innovation across the supply chain.

Track D:

Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning track is designed to help supply chain leaders balance the requirements of today with building capabilities for tomorrow.

Track E:

Sourcing & Procurement

This track will explore evolving trends and consider how sourcing and procurement leaders can prepare their organizations effectively for the integrated, digitally connected supply chains of the future.

Track F:


This track is designed for supply chain leaders responsible for manufacturing strategy, as well as their peers, seeking to reshape the role manufacturing operations plays in current and future supply chains.

Track G:


This track explores the digital logistics strategies, processes, new technologies, and partnering with external logistics providers required to lead for tomorrow.

Track H:

Customer Fulfillment & Collaboration

This track focuses on knowing the customer, strengthening processes and building trust and partnerships that help the end-to-end supply chain deliver customer experience.

Industry Track:


This industry track addresses the needs of consumer retail supply chain leaders who are ready to respond to a landscape experiencing significant disruption with innovative new ways of working to deliver value in consumer retail.

Industry Track:

Industrial Manufacturing

This industry track offers guidance for industrial manufacturers who are ready to respond to these challenges, scaling innovative manufacturing capabilities with an ecosystem of partners to drive successful and sustainable transformation.

Industry Track:

Healthcare Exchange

This industry track provides healthcare provider, life science manufacturer, distributor and retail pharmacy supply chain leaders with innovative new ways of working to deliver value in healthcare.

Industry Track:

High Tech Manufacturing

The speed of business is accelerating. In the midst of this, new business models are emerging driven by the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. Supply Chain needs to be ready to manage the convergence, as well as new monetization models that the convergence drives. High Tech will have many opportunities, some yet to be developed as this convergence evolves, so the ability to anticipate and transform at the speed of business is critical.

As a leading Supply Chain Planning solution provider, we strive to connect and help companies create a better planning process that leads to improved business performance. As a result, each year, we sponsor several industry conferences with the goal of connecting with newer audiences and deepening existing relationships.

Arkieva participants can be found hanging out the Arkieva booth waiting to make a connection with you. We are a fun bunch. You could also spot as on the show floor striking up a conversation. Feel free to stop us and say hi! You can’t miss us, we’ll be wearing the red Arkieva lanyards.

Yes, certainly. In fact, we thrive on making connections, learning more about your business goals and challenges. We pride ourselves in setting up for the challenge of solving some of the most advanced supply chain planning issues. Best of all, you can meet with us without feeling the need to buy any of our technology services. Our extensive supply chain domain expertise allows us to help businesses think through their sales and operations planning challenges, and together come up with solutions. We understand that sometimes the solution is not our software. Click here to set up a time to talk during the conference.

Arkieva provides value-driven personalized supply chain planning solutions for a better planning process that’s powered by your unique business.

We believe better planning starts with people. Not technology.

So, we provide solutions. Not software.

Enabled by your process. Not our specifications.

The Arkieva software solution suite is a one-plan S&OP system that creates a synergized Sales and Operations Planning process. The solution empowers manufacturers to better plan to meet or exceed customer expectations by providing integrated solutions for product segmentation and analysis, demand, inventory, supply, executive S&OP management and execution.

Traditional S&OP is Static. Respond to demand Changes as-it-happens.

One-Plan S&OP is an integrated demand-driven sales and operations planning (S&OP) process for dynamic business performance. The Arkieva Solution suite facilitates this process.

Arkieva is not your typical software company. Here’s why:

We Believe in People First. Not Technology.

We see our software as solution tools to help you solve your supply chain planning challenges.

In fact, during our initial discovery conversations, if we identify that our solutions do not solve your current business problem, we’ll be happy to offer other recommendations. We are here to help you find the solution to your supply chain problem and not to just sell software.

Solutions Created for Supply Chain Professionals by Supply Chain Professionals.

Arkieva was founded because while working in the supply chain industry we saw a gap in the marketplace with businesses piecemealing their demand and supply processes. At the time of our founding, businesses didn’t have easy access to integrated systems that allowed companies the visibility needed to create a better planning process. Since then, we’ve been leading the charge on helping manufacturers plan better by developing end-to-end integrated supply chain planning solutions. At Arkieva, you’ll find that our consultants are industry certified, have deep domain expertise and are ready to help you solve challenges because they understand your challenges.

Highly Specialized Supply Chain Planning Solution Provider

Your Supply Chain Planning Process is at the Forefront of Everything that We Do.

Unlike the other guys who provide supply chain planning and a multitude of other technologies, we specialize in supply chain planning solutions. This specialization allows us to create highly robust and innovative solutions that solve some of the most advanced supply chain planning challenges. Your Arkieva team comprises of value-driven data scientists, supply chain technology personalization consultants and specialized developers. If you are looking for a solution partner who will roll up their sleeves and think outside-the-box to create solutions, then you are at the right place. In fact, we thrive on that!

We Focus on Personalization Driven by Your Unique Business Process

More Power to You.

We start every Arkieva solution creation process with the question: “how can we empower you with a better planning process?” Our goal is to put you in the driver’s seat to steer your improved business performance goals.

Accelerate performance improvement with our personalized approach to solution implementation.

We believe that your competitive advantage lies with your unique company process. To ensure that, each implementation is personalized to meet your company’s process, people and performance goals our solutions are easily configurable. We don’t try to make you fit a mold. Instead, our solution is permeable to meet your needs.

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